What exactly does an endodontist do?

endodontist holding an xray

What is an Endodontist and what do they do?

An endodontist refers to a dentist who specializes in keeping teeth healthy through endodontic treatments – those that affect the interior of a tooth, along with its soft tissue (pulp). “Endo” means interior and “odontic” refers to teeth. Endodontists are specialists and bring extensive training in diagnosing and treating problems with a tooth’s interior.

Beyond dental school endodontists have two more years of specialized training. This is why the best person to treat any issues that deal with your tooth’s interior is an endodontist.

Diagnoses Pain and Treats Tooth Infection

Dr. Zand uses years of training and experience to diagnose what might be causing pain and treat tooth infection according to what is best for you. The mouth is full of nerves, so seeing a specialist in Washington DC allows you to get treatment that will provide you with long-term results, not just immediate pain relief.

Performs Endodontic Treatment of Tooth Infection

Endodontic treatment is any treatment that refers to treating the interior of a tooth. Prior to being treated Dr. Zand will first assess your teeth and likely use x-rays to determine what needs to be done. One of the most common endodontic treatments performed is the root canal.
During this treatment the doctor drills a tiny hole into your tooth, removes the root and infected pulp, and then seals it. This allows a person to keep a tooth, but remove tooth infection.

Treats Traumatic Injuries

Oftentimes we see patients who come in with some sort of traumatic injury to their mouth. More often that not this is the result of a sport injury or some type of accident. When the pulp is damaged, a person’s tooth dies. Dr. Zand is experienced in treating the pulp and making it possible to replant teeth that have been knocked out (avulsion). We also treat fractures, dental emergencies, and  tooth infection in Washington DC.

The sooner you treat a traumatic injury, the more likely it is that you can be treated with the best options and that your tooth can be saved.

How often do I need to be treated?

Endodontic treatment is usually a one and done deal. Treatment is either successful or unsuccessful. With that in mind, we have patients who have received treatment come in for periodic visits to ensure any issues have recurred.

If you’ve experienced any sort of traumatic injury to your mouth and believe endodontic treatment could help you, contact us. We have proudly served our community’s in Washington DC endodontic needs and can help get your mouth on a path to healing, so that your quality of life is what it once was.

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