Regenerative Endodontics: The Future of Restorations

Every year technology advances a bit more, driving the edge of medical treatment and what is considered possible. Regenerative endodontics is the cutting edge of dental technology, utilizing recent developments that encourage tissue to grow and restore root canals.  This technology means that the health and development of nerves, gums, and the surrounding tissues can continue, opening new treatment options.  


How Does Regenerative Endodontics Work?

Regenerative endodontics aim to produce an environment that simulates that which was present when the tooth first was avulsed.  In these instances, the tissue of the dental pulp becomes necrotized not because of the presence of bacteria, but simply because they have lost access to their blood supply.  Regenerative endodontics aids these teeth in recovering and have demonstrated a remarkable amount of success in doing so.

The procedure essentially encourages tissue to grow into the area recently vacated of necrotized tissue by employing growth factors, tissue scaffolds, and stem cell therapy.  When successful this treatment leads to the regrowth of healthy tissue and the rejuvenation of a healthy and living tooth.


Who Can Benefit From Regenerative Endodontics?

Regenerative endodontics is currently only available for those with immature and still growing teeth, especially those in their teenage years.  The stem cells present in their dental tissue make it possible to stimulate regrowth and save the teeth.  Research is being done on leveraging this kind of technology for adult patients, but so far the only authorized procedures involving this technique are for those in their developmental years.


Is Regenerative Endodontics Appropriate For My Child?

There are many cases where regenerative endodontics can be appropriate for childhood tooth trauma and decay.  If your child is currently suffering from a condition that involves decayed or damaged teeth, speak to the endodontic specialists at District Dental.

District Dental is here to help you with your endodontic needs!  Dr. Kaveh Zand has served the Washington, DC area from his office at 2021 K Street NW, Suite 522, to schedule an appointment call today at (202) 847-3288.  With regenerative endodontics, it may be possible to retain your child’s beautiful smile!