Endodontic Surgery: Healing Your Teeth From The Inside Out

While regular dental visits will ensure that the exterior of your teeth and gums are properly taken care of, especially when combined with proper dental hygiene, when decay and gum disease go beyond the surface endodontic surgery may be necessary. Endodontic surgery includes procedures that work on the interior of the teeth, hence “endodontic”, a word derived from the Greek words for inside (endo) and teeth (inside). Dr. Zand is an endodontic specialist with years of experience practicing in the DC area, and his office is available to service your needs for endodontic procedures.


What Can Cause Me To Require Endodontic Surgery?

Typically external cleanings from a general dentist will handle traditional concerns, including exterior decay, cosmetic work, and even crowns and fillings for simple cavities. In more severe cases you’ll need the services of an endodontic specialist to handle your case, some situations that can lead to his are:

  • Diagnosis: In the event that you have symptoms that persist without any indicators visible through sight or imaging, endodontic work may be necessary. Tiny fractures of complicated canals that go unnoticed on these films may require direct observation through endodontic surgery.
  • Calcification: It sometimes happens that calcium deposits will natural form in the canals inside the teeth. In these cases, it becomes impossible to use cleaning and shaping tools used in root canal procedures that are non-surgical. Endodontic surgery may be necessary to complete the cleaning and shaping part of the root canal in these cases.
  • Retreatment: While most root canals will last the life of the patient, it is possible for the tooth to fail to heal, or later decay to cause damage later, sometimes months or years later. In these cases, endodontic surgery may rescue the tooth.
  • Damaged Bone or Root Surfaces: Repair or treatment of damaged bone or root surfaces may require surgery.


What Kinds Of Endodontic Surgery Are There?

Far and away the most common form of endodontic surgery is an apicoectomy, a procedure that removes inflamed and infected tissues in the underlying bone by opening the tissue of the gums near the tooth. The base of the root is also removed in this procedure and a small filling will typically be placed. If another form of endodontic surgical procedure is needed your dentist will discuss the details with you during your consultation.

One example of such a procedure is intentional replantation. During this procedure, an extraction of the affected tooth will take place, and the tooth treated while outside the mouth. The tooth will then be replaced in its socket.


Do I need Endodontic Surgery?

If you’re experiencing symptoms that lead you to believe you may be in need of endodontic surgery, contact your general dentist for a referral. Then contact Dr. Kaveh Zand at (202) 847-3288 or drop by his Washington, DC office at 2021 K Street NW, Suite 522. Dr. Zand has been serving the DC community for years and is a respected member in good standing of the AAES (American Association of Endodontic Specialists) and the District of Columbia Dental Society. Don’t continue to suffer from dental pain that can be treated with an endodontic surgical procedure, call today!